There are different kinds of shapes, colors patterns and styles for roof shingles but each roof has but 3 basic shingle or tile types. We are going to talk about the 3 basic kinds of tiles and shingles which are being produced in this article. We are not talking about any specific products here rather, we just focus on the types of each product.

Number  1. Starter tiles and starter shingles - as what the name suggests, starter shingles start the shingles of the roof system. They're installed on top of rake edge/drip edge and on top of leak barriers and start the overlapping patterns for the rest of the shingles or tiles on the roof.

Much like with other roof system parts, there are different types of starter shingles that are offered by various manufacturers. The great thing is, there's no need to pick what kind of starter shingle to be used on the roof because the manufacturer can pick for you. You are in good hands so long as you have a roofing contractor and they're following recommendations of the manufacturer when deciding a starter shingle.

Number 2. Field tiles and field shingles - the main component for roof system is shingles or field shingles. This is basically the first part you see when searching from the street. As a matter of fact, this is the part that mainly keeps the weather out of your house. There are lots of types of shingles that you could get to choose from which range from the traditional asphalt, slate tile and wood shake to the relatively newer rubber, metal and environmentally friendly types of plastics.

Without having good field shingles, the roof does not stand a chance. Obviously all components of roof system is very important however, it is the field shingles that are the most visual, receive the most attention and most costly roofing option. Find out more here!

Number 3. Ridge cap tiles and ridge cap shingles - ridge shingles to the roof are like a picture frame to a picture. This is making the roof system to become visually appealing. If the visual appeal of your roof is the least of your concern then you will be able to save some cash and use standard cut shingles for the ridge caps. However, if you like your house to look good and appealing, then you better use a definitive edge ridge shingle. The price difference compared to regular ridge shingle and a visually appealing ridge shingle on standard home is approximately 400 to 800 dollars.

As an important reminder, high quality ridge shingles typically need special installation procedures when installing so it is smart to contact professional roofing contractor. Find out more here!